Welcome to Axion Software. Here you will find one of the coolest Flare Effects programs for Photoshop you have ever seen.


Here you will find the some example images created by myself and others demonstrating just what can be done when using Flare Effects and Glow-n-Sparkle to add that extra pizzaz to your images.

DISTANT LIFE - Here is one of mine done in Bryce3d and using Flare Effects 2.0 to create the Lens Flare. Liftoff - By Paul Francis. Personal Phasor - By Wes1701e2 1998. Reeper - By Byron Velasquez 1998.
Rise - By Byron Velasquez 1998. Untitled - By Dr. Jeffery Wall 1997. Foule - By Alexis Flamand 1998.
I’m collecting images for my gallery, if you have any you wish to submit, please email them to Axion Software. Please make sure they are 640×480 or larger and have your name included as part of the image.

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